What kind of Honor is that?

What is that, which turns loving parents into a savage beast?
Honor you say ?
What is an honor ?
And why it demands to sacrifice the one we conceived and others in the name of it. Does what society thinks about us is so important that we are ready to become monsters in the name of our reputation.  And if falling in love with someone from a different caste or religion is not morally right, then how could killing them could be justified. Honor, as you can easily Google it, means high respect or high esteem. But what I fail to understand is that how slaughtering people could make you secure your respect. How can the people who are not even humans just mere beast could get respect in the society?

Giving birth to someone gives you some right on them, I will agree on that. But this does not mean you can kill them just to satisfy your ego. If them falling in love or marring with someone who you do not approve upsets you that much, then sever your ties with them or even forget about them, but no one has the right to kill someone.

The culture or belief that demands the blood of innocent to secure itself is no culture at all. We need to understand that caste and religion are for our own discipline and it cannot be used as an excuse for such cruelty.

This false belief and stereotype that drives people to such insanity as to kill is not something that was born today out of nowhere, thousands and lacks of youngsters are being brutally slaughtered for centuries and decades now, based on some very disturbed thinking, hollow traditions.In our so-called modern era, the rate of honor killing is only increasing, so what does this say about our us?
Is this the world we aim to build, a world of terror and death and barbarity.

 On September 2018, one more innocent named Pranay, just 23 years old, was brutally murdered in a broad daylight, in front of a hospital, when he was with his newlywed wife, who is two years younger and pregnant
What was crime his?
He dared to fall in love with a girl, from a different caste and married.

He would have fallen in love with someone of caste as him if only love works that way.

This was not the first time when this kind of ferocity took place and I’m afraid it won’t be the last unless we finally do something about it.

According to the latest crime data, honor killing in India have rapidly increased up to 794% from 2014 to 2015.


As India is leading in a heinous crime, it makes me wonder, what are doing?
Are we still human?
Because these incidents are not humane at all. With more than thousands of people are getting murdered every year just for satisfying someone’s ego and rubbish beliefs, are we ever going to be at peace?
How we create a better world if our foundation is built on remains of thousands and lakhs of innocents, who were mercilessly murdered and now would never get a chance to live their dreams.
Do we not know that we are not only killing people but also thousands of brilliant minds, the future of our nation.

  What are we doing about it?

It is reported that Maharashtra is planning to introduce new laws to support inter-caste marriage, which makes me sigh in relief and gives us a hope for things getting better.
But there is still no significant law especially for “honor killing“, penalties for murder, conspiracy, etc are used.
This problem is huge and deep-rooted in our society for which we need a separate law to deal with.
But leaving it in the hands of the government is not enough. The government and the public corporation go hand-in-hand. More than a digital nation, what we require first is a nation with an air of freedom and peace.

Now it’s time to create a whole new plan and not rest till we get rid of this disease completely. It’s high time to check ourselves, reform our believes and soul because change always starts from within. We should take an oath to never stand still and witness something so disturbing as this. If you suspect something then get some help without thinking twice. We have remained quiet for too long, it’s time to break the silence

“Take a step, the humanity is calling out to you.”



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1 thought on “What kind of Honor is that?”

  1. Divya says:

    So true.People need to change their mindset.We can change our old generation but we can make changes with the new generation.

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