I’ll be there

If everything goes upside down,
If your hope is nowhere to be found.
I’ll be there to make it right,
To make you realize that everything’s gonna be alright.

If you ever feel like falling from a height,
And your world is craving for light.
I’ll be there to enlighten your life,
And of course to hold you tight.

If everything seems uphill or difficult,
If you ever find yourself against the crowd.
You just need to look to your right,
Because I’ll be there to hold you tight.

If you have a dream which you want to chase,
But there are risks you are afraid to take.
I’ll be to make you strong,
To make you fight.

No matter what the world says,
No matter what the stars.
Our friendship is not just fate,
Our friendship is by heart.

I promise to be there for the whole ride,
To catch you when you fall,
To join you in your smile.
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